National World War II Museum deserves more time


The history of World War II comes alive for visitors to The National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

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I recently had the opportunity to visit the National World War II Museum. When I set out to visit the museum in New Orleans during a recent long weekend, I had no intention of writing about it. But, I was so touched and impressed that I must tell you at least a little about that emotional experience of my visit.

I had set aside about three hours to see the museum, having no idea how long it would take to see it all.

Seeing some of the historical artifacts — airplanes, jeeps, weapons of all kinds — was impressive and very interesting, especially because of how much of it is displayed.

But listening to the oral histories from service members such as Army Sgt. Bob Slaughter gives listeners a deeper understanding of the hardships these warriors faced. “Sometimes you’d fight a day or two to take one field,” he said on a video.

Staff Sgt. Preston McNeil recounted on a short video about coming up on a concentration camp and seeing the horrors. “I really didn’t believe someone could do something that terrible,” he said.

Others talked about shrapnel raining down on them, about ambushes and the horrors of war.

I spent some of my time in a section dedicated to the war in Europe and then to the war in the Pacific. After a quick stop in one of the gift shops, we were almost out of time.

How I wished that I had more time before having to head to the airport to begin the trip back home to the Space Coast.

I had long known of the National World War II Museum, but it wasn’t until this trip that I had set aside some time to see it, just not enough time. If you go, give yourself at least five or six hours.

You’ll immerse yourself in the exhibits, pause to think about the details in some of the personal oral stories and will be drawn in to another place and time in your understanding of World War II. You will better understand the sacrifices made by a great generation for the freedom of so many.

If you ever visit New Orleans, set aside a day to visit the museum. You will be glad you did.

The National World War II Museum is a must see for anyone who supports our veterans.

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