Brevard School Board votes 4-1 against raising teacher pay


Students, teachers, and parents all came out to support better teacher pay.

Austin Rushnell

On June 14, students, teachers, and parents banded together and marched from the Avenue Viera to the Brevard County School Board in protest.

The protest was raised in response to Superintendent Mark Mullins, who rejected a plan proposed to the school board that would raise teacher pay in Brevard County.

Today, in a vote held by the Brevard County School Board, Superintendent Mullins’ own plan, which rejects the original proposal to raise teacher pay, was upheld in a 4-1 conclusion.

The only vote against Superintendent Mullins was School Board Member Matt Susin.

“That’s pretty sad for all of the teachers,” said Joan Taddie, President of the Brevard Federation of Teachers, Ret (BFTR). “A lot of them are waiting for this vote so they could possibly get their money. [...] There’s a possibility that the teachers who have resigned or are retiring, after June 30, may not be able to get [their bonuses] at all, because it’s the end of their contract-year.”

The meeting room where the vote was held was filled with red-shirted supporters of increased pay for teachers, but the Brevard County School Board held firm in their decision to support Superintendent Mullins’ plan.

 One of the issues that BFTR President Taddie found during the meeting was a need for more statistics during the decision-making.

“The School Board has a person in charge of our finances who did not bring any material to the table, at all,” Taddie said. “When questions were asked by School Board members or by the representatives of the BFT [...], the answer was a constant, ‘I didn’t bring that with me today,’ which was very poor judgment on her part. I just can’t believe that you would come to something like this and not have the information.”

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