Milly celebrates 100th at Victoria Landing


Georgia Milly, center, celebrated her 100th birthday at Victoria Landing with her daughter Mary Ann O’Shea, right, and her son-in-law, Tom O’Shea.

Senior Life Darrell Woehler

The world was a different place in 1919.

Georgia Milly celebrated her 100th birthday in grand style on June 10 at Victoria Landing, where she resides. Milly grew up on an apple farm in Virginia when Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States and “things were much simpler then,” according to Milly.

Being a dietitian, Milly always was self-conscious about health in general.

“I always practiced what I preached and tried to be extra healthy myself,” Milly said. “I think this has helped me to my long life.”

Her farm chores as a child were picking apples and helping bring in the cows from the pasture each night.

Milly also lived in Maryland before moving to Florida in 2015 to be near her daughter, Mary Ann O’Shea, and her son-in-law, Tom O’Shea.

The O’Sheas attended the party at Victoria Landing, which featured a special lunch, festive decorations and a colorful 100th birthday cake.

Milly attended college, was married for 65 years and had six children. She said she feels that she has lived
“the good life.”