Romine brings unique perspective to his new job at Wuesthoff


Andy Romine is the new president at Wuesthoff Medical Center-Rockledge.


Andy Romine, the new president at Wuesthoff Medical Center-Rockledge, knows the full scope of the medical profession. 

Driven by a desire to help others, Romine began his career in 1998 as a nurse at Cincinnati’s Bethesda North Hospital.

“I wanted to affect other people’s lives in a positive way,” he said. “Working in this field gave me ample opportunity to do that, and I’m especially pleased to be in my current leadership position.”

In order to impact even more patients, Romine decided to assume a leadership role in hospital administration.

“It was important that I play a role in improving the care patients were receiving,” he added.

Before assuming his new role at Wuesthoff, Romine served as the chief nursing officer of Trinity Medical Center and Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Ala. for eight years. Prior to Trinity, he held several clinical and managerial roles at Mercy Hospital in Cincinnati.

His experience as a nurse should prove extremely beneficial at his new position with Wuesthoff.

“My background as a nurse tends to frame my decision making,” Romine said.

“Referencing the impact of any decision on how it will impact the patient certainly allows me to prioritize the care and treatment of those that entrust us with their care.

He earned a master’s degree in health services administration from Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Cincinnati. Romine knows he has his work cut out for him 

“All hospitals throughout the country are facing the challenge of providing improved patient outcomes in an extremely safe environment while at the same time decreasing the cost of care delivery,” he said.

“Hospitals are having to innovate in ways that improve efficiencies while ensuring patient safety.”

Romine believes Wuesthoff is positioned well to succeed in this t

“There are many strengths that have been honed throughout the 75-year history of the organization,” he said. “The medical staff first and foremost is an extremely strong asset of the organization. They are collectively well-trained, experienced professionals that prioritize the needs of the patients they care for. I am constantly amazed at the skill and commitment of the other professionals that we are fortunate enough to call co-workers. They routinely sacrifice their own needs to accommodate those of our patients.

“Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to complement the compassionate approach to patient care is also a key strength of the organization,’’ Romine said. “Our robotic surgery program and our new electrophysiology lab are two examples of the technology that is used on a daily basis to optimize the precision and safety of the care we deliver. Wuesthoff is in a constant state of improvement with patients ultimately being the beneficiaries.”