Circle of life’s more than stumbling and bumbling


You know how everyone talks about how life comes full circle? Well, they're right.

In the beginning, you babble a lot, dribble a lot, drop food all over yourself, take a half hour just to eat a little bowl of food, don’t realize you’re soiling your clothes and need an adult to take you for a walk.

As you grow, you figure out how to walk by yourself, the babbling gets invaded with an occasional word, the dribbling turns to nibbling, and you learn that the toilet is infinitely better than just letting go on the run and having to clean up later.

As you enter adolescent life, you still take a long time to eat. But, that’s because you’re busy whining about what’s on your plate, if it isn’t ice cream or chocolate cake. At least you’ve mastered the fine art of getting food from the plate to your mouth.

You also learn the value of language but seem to focus on that word “no.”

That’s probably because you hear it every time you reach for something. Hallelujah! You no longer soil the inside of your clothes but find great delight in soiling the outside of your clothes.

Then, there’s that little matter of what happens when your school friends teach you the dark side of our language. When you try it at home, you find your parents aren’t laughing like the kids in school.

And hey, why is your mother shoving that bar of soap in your mouth. Do mothers still do that?

Then comes the teen years. The language gets worse, but since you can outrun mom you don’t have to deal with the soap anymore.

Now, you don’t have time to eat because the gang is waiting for you to help them set the land speed record. You just got your driver’s license and you no longer need help from any adult because they know so much less than you.

As you enter your adult years, you reverse everything you did in your teen years by eating a lot more, driving a lot slower, and cleaning up that language except when driving on the highway.

Then, when you enter your twilight years, you’re back to babbling, dribbling, dropping food on yourself, soiling the inside of your clothes and needing an adult to take you for a walk.

Don’t worry if your head is spinning. You’ve just made a trip around the circle of life.

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