Road trip brings comfort to daughter after mother’s death


Bonnie Lee Nugent, left, and Dale A. Bulmer relax on a friend’s boat in Nokomis.

Courtesy of Dale A. Bulmer

For Bonnie Lee Nugent, a road trip soothed her bereaved soul as she healed and thought about the old adage: “Time heals all wounds.”

And, as time passed, Nugent said she was reminded to stop and look at things she walked past.

“You don’t know what you’ll see and learn,” she said. “This is the time we can slow down and reflect on what we miss.”

After the passing of Nugent’s mother, Anna Marie Amidon, a resident of Micco who died at age 94, Nugent and her husband went on a five-month sojourn that ended last month at their permanent residence in Massachusetts.

“The satisfaction of riding in our truck and being able to just look at things. Some days were hot, some days sunny,” Nugent said. “It’s just being out in the air. It was also about meeting people. I love meeting people.”

Among the numerous adventures the couple experienced were joyous reunions with old friends; stimulating conversations with residents in small towns; the exploration of local attractions and sleeping in a tent on a reservation. They watched the sun rise and set. A highpoint of the trip for Nugent was achieving one of her enduring passions — to ride on as many excursion trains as possible.

Moreover, there was abundant joy knowing they were fulfilling Amidon’s wishes.

“Mother was very concerned the past few years before she died that my husband and I had stopped traveling,” Nugent said. “She’d say, ‘you like to travel and now why haven’t you been traveling?’

“We expected her to live another 10 years. We didn’t know about the cancer, but there was just something that said, ‘Let’s just hang out here (in Micco) for a while.’ And that’s what we did, despite her urging us to do things.”

Nugent was encouraged by her mother to, “find something you just have to see, touch, feel, smell and go for it. It stirs something in you that’s special.’

“So, when mother left us, and I knew she was having a grand time up there in heaven,” Nugent said. “It just felt right to sell the house and get back on the road. I figure as long as I can move, I will.”