Shoveling snow not bad vs. washing off love bugs


I have no love for love bugs.

Yes, it seems this time of year Floridians trade snowbirds for love bugs. It’s like the little devils wait until all our northern friends leave. Then, they arrive just in time to depress us a little more.

Unlike our snowbird friends who leave a lasting impression of good memories, our love bugs leave a lasting impression of splats on our nice shiny cars if we don’t clean them off right away.

Sure, all winter we are rejoicing in not having to deal with that white powdery stuff known as snow. But, is it better here in the spring?

We go from no snow to yellow snow (pollen) to black snow (love bugs) in May!

With real snow, at least you know which direction it’s going thanks to gravity. With the black snow, they’re going all over the place.

Ever try to walk around them?

With black snow, we don’t have to shovel it but it takes equally as long to deal with it (washing the car) before we can get back to our regular lives.

All of a sudden, we realize that the white powdery stuff isn’t so bad. At least, it’s pretty when it inundates us.

You wake up the next morning and, oh it’s so lovely. With love bugs, you wake up the next morning and your car looks like a love bug hive sitting in your driveway.

You know the Dr. Phil’s of the world can learn a lot from watching these pesky little creatures. Just look at them.

The males are born first. They wait for the females like guys who put their profiles on a dating site and check every 30 seconds for a response.

When the females come, it’s like bam, they immediately hook up with the first one they see. No courting period. And they are jealous little suckers since they stay connected for their entire lives — three or four days — so that no other males can get their girl.

Now, the real education comes when you watch how they live their short lives.

The male wants to go this way and the female wants to go that way. Sound familiar?

This push-and-pull struggle results in their lives being totally destroyed. Usually, it’s by a truck, sedan or SUV.

If they would only agree and go together in the same direction, everyone would be happy except the owners of the car wash.

Hear that Dr. Phil?

Yeah, I have no love for love bugs but will love it when love bug season ends.