Singing, entertaining suits The Golden Tones well


Overda Stonerock, front left, loves being the director for The Golden Tones and working with The Pretenders.

Jennifer H. Monaghan

Overda Stonerock and The Golden Tones bring joy to many in the Palm Bay area with their music. It’s undeniable that they have fun doing so.

The Golden Tones are a group of seniors who enjoy singing and entertaining. Stonerock is their esteemed director.

A few of the choir members also are part of The Pretenders, a lip-sync comedy group which generally performs with The Golden Tones.

“Music is therapy,” Stonerock said. “It does for you what nothing else can do, equal to what chocolate can do for you.”

Stonerock has been the director for the past 10 years. Not only has she maintained its excellence, but she also has expanded its repertoire to encompass all genres. With skill and humor, she accomplishes her primary goal. She wants to make other people feel good — both her audience as well as choir members.

“That good feeling can last a few hours,” she said.

Pauline Harvey, a new member, said, “I’ve always loved singing, and (I) am enjoying it.”

Regina Chow, another relatively new member, said she has enjoyed the experience.

“Singing is better than gossiping,” Chow said. “It’s fun. It’s something to do, and a way to meet people.”

The choir performs at a variety of retirement and care facilities. It also produces a Christmas concert and a spring concert for the general public at the Greater Palm Bay Senior Center. It recently has performed at RiverView Senior Living Resort in Palm Bay and at Atlantic Shores Nursing and Rehab in Palm Bay.

The all-senior choir varies in number from 20 to 35. At one time, its oldest member was 98.

The 82-year-old Stonerock, a lifelong professional musician and a former university instructor, is very active in the music community in the Melbourne-Palm Bay area.

“At my age,” said Stonerock, “you look at other people who are even younger than you and they’re not working half as hard as you do and they are complaining all the time. … There’s a funny sense of, I’m 82 and look at what I can still do. Just be happy, be grateful, be cheerful, and I try to pass that on.”

The Golden Tones meet from 9 a.m. to noon each Monday at the Greater Palm Bay Senior Center. No special skill set is required, and there are no age limits. New choir members are welcome. For information, call 321-724-1338.