Super volunteers step up in clutch for Meals on Wheels


Bob Mohr has increased his volunteer time with Meals on Wheels.

Jill Blue

As Meals on Wheels struggles to fill its rank of delivery volunteers amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are those few super volunteers who have stepped up to fill in.

Titusville’s Bob Mohr always is ready to respond in clutch situations.

“Bob is truly one of our superheroes,” said Craig Edmondson-Wood, the director of the Brevard Senior Nutrition Program. “Although his normal day is Friday, Bob is one of these rare folks who will show up whenever we need him.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, some of the older volunteers, who might be more susceptible to getting sick, have understandably opted to stay at home. The program has had to find other volunteers to take their place. While volunteers still are needed, they have been able to fill the need so far.

Mohr, who has been delivering meals and interacting with the people he serves for many years, has increased his volunteer schedule to help fill the temporary need.

“I’ve been doing it for about 17 years,” he said. “I got started through friends at church. I do it whenever I can.”

Mohr said he needed to have someone to stay with his wife, so his daughter moved to Florida from West Virginia. She is at home with his wife while he volunteers.

Mohr said he gets great satisfaction in volunteering to help others.

“I have one client who always asks me, ‘do you get paid?’ I say I do get paid. I do get paid right here,’’ he said, tapping his right hand over his heart.

He said he does not mind answering the same question for the same client because she forgets that she asked the same thing, just days earlier.

“There are really nice people that I deliver to, and they are always happy to get their lunch,” Mohr said.

Pat Grange and her husband introduced Mohr to volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

Grange also is a longtime volunteer.

“I love doing it,” she said. “It’s a great experience. It’s something I can do to help others.”