Doyle bolsters Veterans Memorial Center behind the scenes


Bob Doyle keeps everything in order at the Veterans Memorial Center.

SENIOR LIFE Courtesy of Bob Doyle


The amazing facility that is the Veterans Memorial Center has a dedicated guardian in Bob Doyle. He’s the man who manages the day-to-day operations of a complex that is part museum, part library, part park and part resource hub for more than 70,000 Brevard veterans and their families.

“My duties at the center are the daily running and scheduling of meetings and events and to maintain security throughout,” Doyle said.

“I handle the placement of volunteers for cleaning and maintaining the building. I also control the managers on duty who handle phone calls and walk-ins to get them were they need to go. We have two offices of Disabled Veterans who handle claims for veterans Mondays through Fridays. I also handle emergency funding for veterans who are having a problem with meeting rent, water, power or food.”

He is a pro at keeping everything and everyone in order, for Doyle has served in not one, but two branches of the military, enlisting in the Army right out of high school as a military police officer before later joining the Marines as an infantry team leader.

After leaving the Marines, Doyle went on to the National Guard and later moved back to his hometown to become part of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, where he served for 28 years.

When his daughter Danielle urged him to join her on Merritt Island, Doyle left Sin City for the Space Coast, immersing himself in service to the veterans.

“I became commander of the American Legion Post 344 for four years, Marine Corps League commandant for three years and was recently made commander of the new Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12167,” Doyle said.

That’s not all, either, for Doyle is currently a service officer for the American Legion, Marine Corps League and the Disabled American Veterans. Doyle additionally completed a three-year assignment with the Florida Veterans Foundation as a director responsive for veterans’ assistance in six counties. He currently is director of the Brevard Veterans’ Council in addition to his job as operations and security director for the Veterans Memorial Center.

Doyle’s efforts on behalf of veterans earned him the Award for Military and Civilian Law Enforcement Excellence in 2013 and 2015 by Who’s Who of America. The National Office of the Daughters of the American Revolution additionally recognized Doyle for outstanding community service for veterans’ needs.

In addition to Danielle, Doyle has two other children, Donnie and Erin, who both live out of state.

“Each are driven like their Dad and are managers in their respective job fields,” Doyle said.

Danielle Doyle would like to see her father take some time to enjoy and smell the roses, but she realizes that probably is not going to happen.

“Danielle constantly reminds me that I retired in 2006 and was supposed to take life easy,” Doyle said.

“She also tells me that here I am with nine business cards and busier than when you retired.”

Doyle lives by two mottos: “a veteran helping veterans” and “a veteran still serving” so taking it easy is not part of the formula.