Everyone feels quite at home at Brevard Veterans Memorial Center

Veterans Advocate


Need information or help with issues concerning veterans?

Chances are you can find information, help and guidance from fellow veterans at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island.

The Center is home to the Brevard Veterans Council, which is a veterans’ coalition of sorts that is available to serve any of the nearly 70,000 veterans in Brevard County.

“Ten different organizations meet here,” said Donn Weaver, special projects coordinator for the center. “They not only are involved with us, this is their home.”

Among those organizations that call the center home is one that I have written about through the years because of the good work it does on behalf of veterans. It is the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 123. They help about 3,600 veterans each year with claims for VA benefits and pension.

Many times, I too have counted on help with information from veterans at the center. Almost anything I’ve wanted to know about military service or veterans I could usually find answers at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center.

In addition to the DAV, other organizations that meet at the center include American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Rolling Thunder and the Marine Corps League. All have their own ways of assisting veterans.

The center provides emergency assistance to qualifying veterans.

The Brevard Veterans Memorial Center also serves to tell the stories of veterans and military service to the public. It has a 6,000-square-foot museum packed with nicely displayed military artifacts from the Revolutionary War to the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Entry to the museum is free. And, in addition, there is a library with 3,000 volumes and is home to the Veterans History Project in Brevard.

The center also has an 82-acre park and a plaza with monuments honoring the service and sacrifice of military members in all major wars, in addition to law enforcement and first responders. It has a gift shop with souvenirs and military memorabilia.

All of it is run by volunteers.

And these veterans that are part of the Brevard Veterans Council are always welcoming to other veterans, organizations and groups to use the facilities.

“More of them are falling back to use this as their home,” said Dean Schaaf, president of the center. “We’re here for their support.”