Plethora of pills leaves everyone’s head spinning

Funny Thing Is...


Remember back in the day when the only pills you took were vitamins and usually just one each day?

Well, when you become a senior, your pills actually become your diet and the food you eat is just to supplement the pills to give your digestive system something to do.

Let me elaborate.

Most seniors start taking pills from the moment they wake up. Pill taking has actually become an art and a challenge.

People used to show off their new dining room sets, but now they can’t wait to show the neighbors their new automatic digital pill dispenser.

I recently visited a friend who changed his very state-of-the-art spice rack into storage for all his pills. What used to be oregano is now oxycodone. What used to be basil is now B12.

He’s really proud of this!

And since we’re talking about it, let me ask you something. What is the logic behind pharmaceutical companies anyway?

If their pills work and cure you, they’re out of business. So how much help do you think you’re getting from that little tablet?

Heck, it’s a workout just sorting through all of them. By the time you get done categorizing and storing all your pills, you need a nap.

Uh. Got a pill for that?

When you wake up, you’re hungry. Before you eat, don’t forget to take your probiotic pill. When you get done, a little gas relief pill might be necessary.

You’ll need to get moving, so you’ll need your energy pill. If you’re going out, you’ll need a pill if you have sun sensitivity.

If you go exercise, when you get back, you’ll need a salt pill to restore what you lost at the gym. If your glucose count is high, you’ll need a sugar pill.

After a recent visit to my doctor, he told me to take the blue pill in the morning with water, the red pill at lunch with water and the yellow pill at dinner with water.

I asked him what was wrong with me, and he said, “You’re not drinking enough water.”

Voltaire once said, (I’m paraphrasing here) that doctors give pills they know little about, to cure diseases they know less about, for humans they know nothing about.

And don’t forget there are side effects with almost every pill. The only side effect I’m worrying about is bankruptcy!