Diva Party brings fun for neighbors, nets funds for charity


Julie Davis, right, chats with door prize winner, Christine LoCascio during a Diva Party.

Courtesy of Julie Davis

Julie Davis is on a campaign to channel women’s inner divas as a means of helping charities.

The Indialantic resident, fresh off a Diva Party that netted close to $1,000 for the Susan Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society, is raring to go to organize more similar events.

Davis, who moved to Brevard County to start life anew after her first husband was killed by a texting driver, began hosting parties as a way of thanking her newly found friends.

“All my friends are important to me, from my neighbors and my hairdresser to my massage therapist,” Davis said.

When Davis married Clem Etrick on Dec. 12, 2012, the couple did their share of moving until they found the perfect nest at the Barringer Condominium beachside.

“Every time we would move, I would host a party for my new friends,” Davis said.

Throughout the year, Davis will scour stores to find the perfect future party gifts for her friends. At her last diva fete, attendees received a fun gift bag, a key chain with a pink crown and a seat belt cover made from sparkling fabric covered with pictures of girlie shows.

“It covers the car seat belt and gives the driver a more comfortable ride,” Davis said.

Instead of hosting just a social occasion, however, Davis took it to the next level by encouraging guests to make donations to their favorite charity. Her last event was aimed at raising money for breast cancer research.

“It was not specifically for breast cancer survivors, but it turned out to be that a good number of the ladies were,” she said.

The cancer survivors were invited to stand up and be recognized.

“It was very moving to see how many of them had battled breast cancer, and that a couple of them had had more than one type of cancer,” Davis said.

Even though the party is long finished, Davis was still getting donations for the cancer charities.

“I was overwhelmed by the number of women who couldn’t make it but wanted to send a check,” Davis said.

With her parties, Davis hit upon a winning recipe.

“Life is tough, but you need to know how to have fun and to help others,”  she said.

To contact Davis for help with a Diva Party, call 321-431-0235.

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