Today's trends continue to amaze


It is hard to admit, but remember being excited about getting a flip phone? Or having to call for or hail a taxi cab? Or looking out a tiny front door peep hole to see who was knocking?

As recent as 10 years ago, we all lived what we thought was the cutting edge only to have it all replaced by today’s trends.

A seemingly easy win for smart phones, with capabilities far exceeding a mere phone, including internet connectivity, photography and video, texting, social media, data storage and a thousand functions most smart phone users never use.

But, just for a moment, think back in defense of flip phones. First, you couldn’t store much valuable information. You didn’t have to bother with a password and they didn’t annoy you with constant update notifications.

Finally, style.  Flip phones fit faces better than talking onto a smart phone rectangle. Flicking the flip phone open is like Captain Kirk calling up the Starship Enterprise and there was nothing better than hanging up on somebody by simply closing the phone.

Uber and other similar ride-share businesses —  for better or worse — have all but replaced iconic taxi cab services. This makes for easier pickup from any location, taking away the need to pay in cash, and providing for known drivers using their own vehicles who are rated after the ride.

The idea of Uber in which passengers also are rated for drivers was born in Paris back in 2008. Uber is at the top, but Lyft is slowly making inroads in the industry. Both are using regular cars to take their place in urban landscapes once highlighted by a sea of yellow taxi cabs. Statistics now show ridesharing companies such as Uber surpass the taxi cab market share in New York City.



The distorted fish-eye lens of the front door peephole was replaced with the miniaturization of cameras creating video surveillance for the home.  Twenty years ago, security cameras didn’t have the luxury of being connected to the Internet. The only way to monitor an area with live viewing was through Closed Circuit Television or CCTV.  With advancements such as wireless cameras and IP cameras, we can now watch the feed from the security cameras and our front porches live by having it streamed directly to our phones.