McInnis celebrates her 104th birthday in style


Sarah McInnis, right, who celebrated her 104th birthday in April, shares a special relationship with her daughter Betty Francis.

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During a week surrounded by family, friends, flowers and cakes, Sarah McInnis celebrated her 104th birthday in a style befitting this sweet “young” lady.

McInnis’ actual birthday was April 10, but the celebration started with her family and friends at church on Sunday, April 8. It then continued Tuesday with family on her actual birthday.

Her daughter Betty Francis and son-in-law took her out to eat at her favorite restaurant — Cracker Barrel. And then, as if to put icing on the cake (which they did), McInnis and her family celebrated again on Wednesday, April 11 with her many friends where she lives at Town Square Assisted Living facility in Viera.

“Carrot cake is my favorite and has been for a very long time,” McInnis said during the celebration.

The cake had plenty of flowers and cream icing.

Born in 1914 in Kansas City, Mo. when Woodrow Wilson was president, McInnis was quite active in sports in high school and at Hendricks College in Arkansas. She won several ribbons in track and field events. She also loved tennis.

This was a time when the opportunity to play sports was not prevalent for women.

McInnis has lived at Town Square, a Wuestoff/Steward facility off Murrell Road in Viera, for the past three years. Her late husband had been in the Air Force, and McInnis was able to travel around the world.

During her working days, McInnis was a teacher. She also worked for H&R Block and in civil service. She also has a great love for music.

McInnis participates in the numerous games and events at Town Square such as balloon hockey and floor volleyball from the comfort of her chair.

When asked about the approaching Mother’s Day, her daughter said nothing special has been planned. But, that could change.

In her room, McInnis has a painting of her daughter on the wall just above her easy chair. It reminds her of their special bond and relationship.