OMNI Healthcare opens immunity testing in Melbourne


OMNI Healthcare, which earlier this month began drive-through testing for COVDI-19 at its Melbourne facility, has now also started testing for virus immunity at the facility located off Apollo Boulevard. 

“We went ahead and moved from testing for the presence or absence of the virus to immunity testing because many, many people would like to know if they’re infected,” said Craig Deligdish, president and CEO of OMNI Healthcare.

According to a release from the company, a fingerstick test is conducted to determine whether people have previously had the virus and who now, under most circumstances, have immunity from COVID-19.  

Deligdish said that the process is quick, as the “entire interaction is expected to take about 15 minutes” and that those who take the test will find out the results on-site.

Patients will be given an option to either be tested for the virus itself or for immunity testing. Only those who have previously tested for the virus will be available for the finger stick testing, the company’s release said.

Testing will be billed to third party payers, the company said. The cost for the test is $100 for those without insurance.

OMNI already has been busy at its testing site, Delgdish said. He noted that as of April 22, OMNI has “tested over 5,000 people for the virus itself and has “tested over 500 people for immunity to the virus.”

Those interested in having the immunity testing can have it set up via appointment much in the way they can to whether they have the virus or not by calling 321-802-5515 or by e-mailing

“We have nine teams each made up of anywhere made of two to five  people. We have approximately 50 people that have sacrificed themselves to work seven days a week, 10 hours a day,” Deligdish added.