Line’s quite thin from courage to craziness

Funny thing is...


There is a razor thin line between courage and insanity. For instance, I wonder who tests the bungee jumping cord for the first time.

Did you ever wonder why you never hear about them? Courageous or insane? Like Jeff Foxworthy surmises, “OK, shorten it up a couple of feet and give his family a T-shirt.”

People do some crazy things and sometimes I wonder how they ever got started. You know like how did the first skydiver know what equipment to take? Do you think somebody was just sitting around drinking beer one night and said “I wonder what would happen if I jump out of a plane?”

His buddies were probably picturing him jumping out of a doorway of a plane while on the tarmac, but he was no doubt thinking about a couple thousand feet up. Well, somebody must have tried it first but you never hear about them do you?

And what about those bullet-proof vests? I know they probably tried it on a mannequin the first time, but then some human had to strap one on eventually and have a bullet fired at his chest.

What are these people thinking?

Are they ridiculously brave or out of their minds? We all admire bravery, but in the case of daredevils is it bravery? Alcoholism? Insanity? Need for attention?

Do you ever wonder what people would be thinking at a cocktail party with the Wallendas? You know, the high-wire daredevils.

Imagine Nik Wallenda’s dad bragging that his son crossed the Grand Canyon walking on a tight wire less than 2 inches wide. Most would be thinking “I wouldn’t brag that my kid’s career choice was to risk being a buzzard buffet at the bottom of a ravine.”

My response would be “Why?” Do you think they have a sign up in their house that says “If at first you don’t succeed ...”

There is a lot of bravery in the world today and, if you’ve read my columns for the past nine years, you know who I admire the most for guts, bravery and courageousness. That’s right — the guys that mow the medians of major highways. I don’t think they get paid as much as the Wallendas, but look what they do. Wearing no protective gear except a yellow vest and headphones, they slalom around bee- and wasp-infested bushes while cutting grass mere inches from semis going 70 mph or faster.

Now that’s courage, or is it insanity?