Chateau Madeleine opens, serves gourmet food to public


The Legends Lounge at Chateau Madeleine is open to the public on weekdays for happy hour from 4 to 7 p. m.

Courtesy of Chateau Madeleine

With three gourmet restaurants, Chateau Madeleine Senior Living and Memory Care is a fine dining experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Chateau Madeleine’s three restaurants are: the Chef’s Pick Restaurant, Legends Lounge and Around the World Café. All are open to not only the senior residents at Chateau Madeleine, but also to the public.

Also new to the dining scene at Chateau Madeleine is Kevin Boulton, the director of dining services. He has a long career of working in fine dining, including resorts in Las Vegas.

“I’m looking for a different opportunity, a different (sort of) field (at Chateau Madeleine),” Boulton said. “I’m here to play with some more varied food and have some fun creating food from scratch. So, you can make the kitchen and the menus your own.”

Chateau Madeleine offers American dining, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, all in a casual-fine dining experience. Breakfast menus also include specialized items such as eggs benedict, crepes and more.

Menus for the Chef’s Pick Restaurant, the Legends Lounge and the Around the World Café can be found online at

“It’s tough to say (what will be our standout dishes),” Boulton said. “I have my own favorites. We have a beef short-rib dish, which I think is going to be very popular, as well as a pasta with a balsamic reduction and some cheese crumbles, which is popular.

“If you like good food, come on in and enjoy it,” Boulton added. “It’s a beautiful facility, and we’re (always) looking forward to serving people.”

For more information, go to the Chateau Madeleine Senior Living and Memory Care’s website at or call 321-701-8000.

Chateau Madeleine is located at 205 Hardoon Lane in Melbourne.