Follow easy steps to save, print digital photos


When a friend or family member sends a photo to your iPhone, after you take the time to admire the photo, you might think to yourself: “I wish I could have this picture on my computer and print it out and put it on the wall.”

You can actually do this pretty easily by following these steps.

First, you will need to go to the photo that has been sent to you, whether this be in your Messages app, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Once you see the photo, you will need to tap on it so the photo fills your phone screen.

Next, you will tap on the icon in the bottom left corner of your phone screen. It should look like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up. This will show you many options on the screen, including pictures that represent various apps on your phone such as Messages and Mail.

To move the photo to your computer, you will need to tap the Mail button. This button looks like an envelope. Now you will email the photo to yourself so you can receive the photo by email on your computer.

To do this you just have to type in your email after the word “To.” This means the picture has been sent to your own email. You can also type in a subject to remind yourself what the photo is of and press send to send the photo to yourself.

Now when you log into your email on the computer, you will see the email that you have sent to yourself. When you open the email, you should see the picture that was on your phone. You can now print the photo just like anything else you would print from your computer and can display the photo wherever you choose.