Smart switches make life easier at home


With the huge range of high-tech devices available today, many seniors are looking to try out smart devices for their homes.

One such device is a smart switch, which allows users to activate lights and other electrical switches from their mobile devices.

In a nutshell, a smart switch is simply a switch that is connected to a mobile device over a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using a smart switch is as easy as connecting your device to the switch you’re using — and that’s it. How the connection works depends on the type of connection that the smart switch demands.

Many smart light switches also might be used in the same way as standard light switches, via manually switching them on and off. This is an added convenience since users might not always want to use their mobile device if they’re close enough to simply touch the light switch.

While most smart switches refer to light switches and other simple on-off devices, smart appliances, likewise, work in the same fashion.

Smart appliances range from refrigerators to washing machines, and there are even vehicles that allow for owners to start them from their phones.

There are many options to choose from when looking at a smart light switch. Often, smart switches work in similar ways, but come in a variety of different options. When shopping for a smart switch, first determine how you’re going to be turning the switch on and off. Switches can be paired to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or they also might be paired to popular command devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Next, determine how you’d ideally like to use the smart switch. Not only are there standard on-off light switches, there also are dimmers, multi-setting switches and switches that connect to ceiling fans.

When buying smart appliances, each appliance needs to be looked at individually to see what is the best fit for your lifestyle and your home.

For seniors especially, smart appliances and smart switches can help make daily life a bit easier. With all of the technological options to choose from, life can be a bit more fun.

For more information on smart switches and smart devices, search online or go to a local electronics store. In the Viera area, there are multiple stores to choose from such as Modern Technology Services on Schenck Ave. near Viera Boulevard; Office Depot at Lake Andrew Drive; or other stores at The Avenue Viera.