Senior Life sponsors author’s workshop on aging happily


Retired Col. Stephen Rutz, Sr. recently published his book “Meeting the Needs of the Elder Population” as a planning manual for aging. Photo by Cory Davis

Retired Col. Stephen F. Rutz, Sr. published a book after attending a faith-based goal-setting workshop in 2011. “Meeting the Needs of the Elder Population” is a metaphorical family trip, with an atlas, or planning manual, to guide others through aging.

His research concluded that one size does not fit all as he suggests his readers, “all have visited subjects in this atlas manual, but not in the full context of potential evolution.” 

He proposes his manual for all ages and cultures prior to achieving the “status of being old,” if they are not on Medicaid. The author proposes being old is “when that time in the life-journey arrives that there is no interest in what the future holds,” and if Medicaid, “is your given situation, this atlas is of no value to you.”

Throughout the book, Rutz uses trip metaphors and suggests readers regard his book a reference to review as life circumstances evolve.

Rutz considers non-tangibles such as faith, psychology and personal preferences will affect how to apply his principles to specific journeys and states, “This is a planning assistance document. There is no free lunch. … This book is a response to that challenge by God.” 

Rutz said he wants readers to understand the need for planning for retirement, based on Scripture. 

“The key point I wish to make in this regard deals with Pharaoh’s dreams,” he said. “The feedback I am getting is a majority of Brevard County’s senior citizens are in their bad seven years, crisis mode with no indication of prior planning.”

Senior Life will sponsor a free workshop and book-signing for Rutz at 9 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 at Faith Viera Lutheran at 5550 Faith Dr., Rockledge. The book costs $20. To RSVP, call 321-636-5504.