Insurance takes the worry out of troublesome travel


Postponed flights often lead to missed connections during expensive vacations.

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Traveling is expensive, and it can hit the wallet even more if a last-minute change has to be made.

Insurance coverage is an important factor to consider and include when making travel plans and calculating overall trip costs and expenses.

Everyone insures their home and car. Most also have healthcare. That peace of mind should extend to travel investment.

Most travelers do not want to spend money on insurance premiums, but if cancellation becomes a necessity or a medical issue becomes a problem during a trip those dollars spent could be invaluable.

Most travel insurance plans protect the monetary investment of a trip and some provide emergency medical benefits while traveling.

Did you know that many personal health policies do not offer coverage when traveling outside of the United States?

It is important to review current health plans and its inclusions or any credit card benefits before selecting any type of travel coverage.

There is a difference between travel insurance and travel protection.

Travel insurance is actually insurance. It usually is provided by a stand-alone insurance company such as Allianz Global Assistance, TravelSafe, Berkeley Care or Travel Guard.

Travel insurance is specifically designed to cover unforeseen incidents globally. Not all travel insurance policies are the same when it comes to the details.

Travel protection, as a general rule, is a self-financed program offered by a cruise line or tour company. The benefits and coverages can vary greatly.

This is where a knowledgeable travel professional can become an important asset. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about insurance coverage.

A very wise traveler once said, “It’s a combination of sights, sounds, tastes and laughter that create the stories of our travels.”

Everyone’s bucket list trip or family adventure should be covered.

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