Can I really get rewards for helping the Lagoon?


The short answer is — yes! and its Facebook counterpart are sites that share information and events about restoration of the Indian River Lagoon — but they also present visitors with tasks they can complete to earn points for discount coupons at local merchants.

What does that look like?

Once you’ve registered, you can immediately get points by “liking” the site on Facebook and taking the “What’s Your Lagoon Footprint” quiz. The quiz asks about things like fertilizer use, grass clippings, car washing, the condition of your wastewater system and other simple actions to help the lagoon.

Wow! I already have 10 points. Enough for $20 off a massage, 10 percent off our Dixie Crossroads dinner or 20 percent off a kayak tour. Not bad!

But, the site challenges me to help more. I get five points for each article I read, 15 points for buying a Florida-friendly plant, and 30 points for setting my irrigation timer to the right settings. The system keeps me honest by asking me to scan a picture of my plant receipt or of the settings on my irrigation timer.

It’s about more than just coupons though. The website and Facebook provide lots of information on developments and activities that support the Lagoon. The Lagoon Loyal program is sponsored by the County’s Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) Trust Fund program. It is also part of the community of organizations working together through the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition ( to increase awareness and build support for restoration efforts.

We have a very special resource in the lagoon — let’s all support it!  SL

To learn more about how to help the Indian River Lagoon, go to