Local duo visit friends in Japan


Bob and Paty Tatum of Sound Traveler will perform in Japan this fall.


An accomplished Cape Canaveral acoustic duo’s planned 11-city tour of Japan Oct. 12 to Nov. 16 will feel like going back home for Patty Tatum of Sound Traveler, who knows and performs 500 songs with her husband Bob.

Thanks to perseverance over time and later Facebook, Patty remains in contact with many friends from when she lived in Nagoya, Japan from 1990 to 1996, teaching English and performing on horn with Freedom Jazz Orchestra.

Bob and Patty will stay with friends all over Japan as well as experience traditional Japanese hotels, a Tokyo apartment and even a Buddhist temple.  

“It’s like this amazing dream coming true,’’ she said.

One of Sound Traveler’s scheduled appearances will take place at a country bar in Kumamoto owned and operated by country star and Grand Ole Opry performer Charlie Nagatani.

“Twenty years ago, if you told me that I would be coming back to Japan in 2016 with my husband to perform on the same bill as Japan’s most famous country musician, I would’ve laughed at you!” she said.

They also will perform at two bars and at the Car-Den concert venue in the Nagoya area and at Keiwa College in Niigata, where they will present various cultural workshops featuring American music.

Members of Freedom Jazz Orchestra plan to celebrate her return with a party.  Patty plans to introduce Bob to her homestay family and 92-year-old Japanese host grandma, whom she first met 25 years ago in the southern island of Kyushu.

 “The kindness and generosity of my friends in Japan, even after so many years of separation, has been overwhelming.  I’m sure I’ll cry more than once on this trip, It started when I sent out a survey to as many people as I could and I got responses from so many friends. It has all come together,’’ she said.

Patty’s mom Nancy is also joining Sound Traveler on the journey to help with merchandising and multimedia.

Sound Traveler, based in Cape Canaveral in the winter, are a full-time professional “eclectic acoustic” music duo that uses a variety of instruments, including guitar, trumpet, bass, concertina, percussion and harmonica for genres such as classic rock/pop/country covers, light jazz, classy standards, folk, Americana and originals.  With more than 1,500 shows and counting since 2010, Sound Traveler tours regularly throughout Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, and has also played in Costa Rica and Washington, D.C. SL

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