Goats bring added zest to yoga classes throughout Brevard


Goats are an inspiration for yoga enthusiasts in the area.

SENIOR LIFE Julie Sturgeon

Goats and yoga might seem to be unlikely allies, but the creature’s innate zen makes them perfect companions for yoga classes.

None of the 106 yoga enthusiasts who showed up at Yoga Garden in the Eau Gallie Arts District of Melbourne could be in a bad mood that day as the goats wandered to greet yoga practitioners.

Including goats into the practice of yoga is a trend occurring nationwide. The naturally friendly goat, with its built-in calm and endearing personality, is tailor made for adding even more blood-pressure lowering possibilities to traditional yoga. Among yogis, goats are hot.

Raina and Corey Hammond initially launched goat yoga in Brevard with sessions at their 12-acre spread in West Melbourne. Since then, the couple have decided to go mobile with goats that, with dog-like enthusiasm, delight in the road trips. Once in the classroom, the goats take it all in stride, mingling with the class members, sniffing the toes and hair of the folks around them or just chewing their cud quietly next to the humans.

“We bring the goats to you,” said Raina Hammond, an occupational therapist.

“Our goats love going on trips.”

Hammond will transport several members of the herd of nine goats that live at her Luna Sage Acres farm to yoga studios around the county. Boredom is never an issue when practicing goat yoga, because the animals always do something to transform what was once routine into something extraordinary.

At the end of the session, Hammond presents participants with a bar of goat milk soap that Corey makes at the farm. She will also provide a Goat 101 course on the care of the creatures, plus also offer an opportunity to milk a goat, as well as to participate in the Goat Yoga Selfie Station. The yogis can’t get enough
of it.

“The classes were filled with many smiles,” Hammond said.

Dogs might get the press when it comes to their abilities to serve in a therapeutic situation, but goats, with their presence in goat yoga, are giving canines a run for their money. The goats just don’t make a big deal of it. SL

For more information on goat yoga, call 321-544-1897 or go to facebook.com/lunasageacres.