Popular chef brings ideas to Brevard County


Warren Caterson is a chef and full-time writer.

Courtesy of Chef Warren Caterson

Tickets for Chef Warren’s cooking demonstrations at the South Mainland Library in Micco go quickly. And it’s not just because they are free.

“The presentation does very well in the community,” said Heather Palmer, the library director. “Everyone likes food. He puts on a very good show, and everyone benefits from it.”

The attendees at Warren’s most-recent demonstration at the library, many senior citizens, listened raptly, took notes and, at the end of the presentation, crowded around Warren with questions and to taste the salmon he had prepared.

Warren Caterson (Chef Warren) is a chef and full-time writer who studied at the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts. He grew up in a large family that loved to cook, so it was not surprising that he became a home cook. Cooking for his family, “was cathartic for me. It was a nice way for me to relax, and I got pretty good at it,” Warren said.

Warren’s career grew by word of mouth. He travels extensively, presenting his informative and entertaining cooking demonstrations all over the country. In Brevard County, he is very popular at libraries. He visits 90 to 100 libraries in Florida each year.

He originally targeted newlyweds and young couples who might not have learned how to cook at home. However, Warren was pleased that his lessons, “took off among retirees — empty nesters who were used to cooking for families were now down to two and wanted to learn how to cook for two. They didn’t know how to scale it back.”

Warren wants his audiences — everyone — to learn how to “cook at home, how to cook healthy, and with not a lot of leftovers.”

For more information about Chef Warren, go to chefwarrencaterson.com.