What’s getting done with the Indian River Lagoon?


We all know that the Indian River Lagoon needs real help to return to the clean habitat that it once was, supporting ecological diversity and providing enjoyment to residents and visitors.

Most of us also know and are proud that a half-cent sales tax adopted in 2016 is projected to raise more than $400 million spanning 10 years to help pay for the restoration.

So, what’s getting done? And, how can I follow it?

The short answer is a lot! And, read on.

The 269-page Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) Project Plan 2020 gives a comprehensive, and quantitative description of the problems, the science-based strategies for restoration and summaries/schedules for each of the 186 projects and sub-projects currently completed, in process or in planning. Each requires matching funding; more than 24 have been completed.

This master plan details how, combined, the projects will reduce the nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) and make additional improvements to largely restore the lagoon by 2026. 

In addition to reviewing the SOIRL Plan, you can watch the all-volunteer Citizen Oversight Committee (COC) review and dissect it by tuning into their meetings on-line from 8:30 to 11 a.m. during the third Friday of the month.

Follow  “Another Project Complete” posts every Friday on Facebook at facebook.com/BIRLC. 

We recently described how five baffle boxes — that clean storm water before it enters the lagoon — were installed in Titusville and should remove more than 6,500 pounds of nitrogen and 1,000 pounds of phosphorous annually. 

Another post described how SOIRL, the St. Johns River Water Management, Cocoa Beach and the state collaborated on dredging more than 100 acres of finger canals to reduce nitrogen by 110,000 pounds a year and phosphorus by 1,400 pounds a year.

We have a very special resource in the IRL — let’s all support its restoration!

For details on the SOIRL Plan and COC, go to brevardfl.gov/SaveOurLagoon/Home. To learn more about how to help, go to HelpTheLagoon.org.