Brevard OKs Viera Company land donation for six new Viera schools


Brevard County commissioners unanimously approved a proposal from The Viera Company to provide land for six new schools in Viera.

The agreement, approved Aug. 17, would add a new high school, a middle school and two elementary schools on undeveloped property in the growing Viera area.

At present, Viera has a high school and three elementary schools. The Viera Company had agreed previously to donate land for those four public schools as well as property for an as-yet-unbuilt middle school and elementary school. The latter two properties reverted to Viera Co. ownership because the school board missed school-construction deadlines and the new agreement restores those properties.

The agreement requires that part of school impact fees collected on new residential construction in Viera be used to pay for the new schools.

Under the new proposal, The Viera Company would waive reimbursement for donated land through impact fee credits. In the past, the company had been reimbursed more than $7.8 million based on the value of land donated for Viera High School and Manatee and Quest elementary schools.

Todd Pokrywa, senior vice president of land use planning and development for The Viera Company, estimated the value of donated land for the six new schools at $10 million to $20 million.

The agreement also would require The Viera Company to cover costs of new roads and off-site infrastructure required for the new schools.

Brevard School Board members will consider the proposal this month.