Harmony Music School moves to Suntree area


Veronica Lipp is executive director and Mark Nelson is director of music education at Harmony Music School.

Photo by Mike Gaffey

Harmony Music School, which offers parents a money-back guarantee if their child hasn’t progressed sufficiently, has relocated from downtown Melbourne to the Suntree area.

“A lot of our students followed us from over there, and we’ve had huge growth in this new location,” Harmony’s executive director Veronica Lipp said of the July move to the site of the old Car Cabana at 6490 U.S. 1. “It’s just been easier for all of our clientele because it’s more of a centralized location, because Brevard is so spread apart.”

Formerly called A+Music, Harmony offers instruction in voice and singing, guitar, piano, drums, strings brass and woodwind instruments. 

IPCC features a tracking system that lets students know where they’re at in the curriculum at all times. Students can also view a series of instructional videos they can watch at home as often as they like. 

“They’re making music the very first day,” said Mark Nelson, a former teacher for 38 years before joining Harmony as director of music education.

If a student committed to the program isn’t making decent progress, Harmony will refund the student’s tuition.

Once a student reaches a certain proficiency level, Harmony places the student in a band alongside other students with similar skill levels. 

“We don’t do the recitals where somebody’s looking at their watch and thinking, ‘Oh, 30 more kids and then my child performs,’ ” Nelson said. “We actually put on concerts that are themed.” 

Students learn a wide range of musical styles, Nelson said. “Coming to one of our concerts, you might hear a Chopin sonata, or you might hear a Motley Crue tune,” he said.

Harmony, owned by Brian Hart, has its own youth orchestra for students ages 6 to 20. The nonprofit Creative Young Artists consists of a youth orchestra, chorus and theater group, and offers students unique opportunities to perform.

“It’s Brian’s vision that any child can be part of a professional orchestra at a minimal cost,” Lipp said. “Eventually it will be tuition-free.”

For more information, call 321-327-2927. 

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