Personal touch is Atlantic Eye MD’s proven approach


Dr. Frederick Ho has taken care of four generations of patients at Atlantic Eye. Ho and Atlantic Eye are celebrating their 30th year of business in the area.


Dr. Frederick Ho has proudly served patients in Brevard for the past 30 years, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

During his tenure as an ophthalmologist, Ho has provided eye care to thousands of Brevard residents. His practice, Atlantic Eye MD, focuses on providing compassionate vision service.

“We emphasize individual, personalized eye care. I’ve been here 30 years, people know me and they know my staff,” Ho said. “I like to help people see better. It’s my passion in life.”

The eyes are extremely susceptible to injury and disease, and Ho has treated patients for all kinds of eye afflictions, including eye injuries, double vision, partial blindness, swelling and cataracts.

Eye emergencies are not uncommon, and Ho has made more than one late night trip to the emergency room. Especially rewarding for Ho has been treating generations of family members during the past 30 years.

“I have treated grandparents, parents, children, four generations; I’ve see the progression of disease as my patients age,” Ho said. “So, we have taken care of many family members.”

Last year, Ho welcomed ophthalmologist Juan Carlos de Rivero Vaccari, M.D., Ph.D. to his practice. Ho speaks highly of Vaccari, who completed his residency just prior to joining Atlantic Eye MD. Vaccari, a Board Eligible Ophthalmologist, specializes in cataract surgery, laser surgery, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and glaucoma management, among other ocular conditions.

“Dr. Vaccari is establishing himself,” Ho said. “Patients have started to seek him out because they have a good experience here, and want to come back.”

Vaccari is enthusiastic about serving patients at Atlantic Eye MD. He shares a deep desire to connect on a personal level with patients while educating them about the importance of eye protection.

“The most common complaint I hear from my patients coming from other practices, is that everything is very rushed, nobody knows them,” Vaccari said. “That’s one reason why they like coming here.”

Ho agrees, saying, “It’s not a huge bureaucracy here, when you call to make an appointment you will talk to someone instead of getting a phone tree. When you come in, you see the same doctors and staff rather than having to interact with new (staff) every time.”

A community-minded physician, Ho offers his expertise to the Brevard Health Alliance, the Lupus Foundation and the association for the Advancement of the Blind. Notably, Ho once instructed doctors while performing eye surgery in China on a jet equipped with an operating room for Project ORBIS, an organization focused on blindness prevention.

Vaccari will carry on this tradition of service.

Both physicians are active outside of work and very family oriented. Ho has four daughters, which keep him busy attending their activities, while Vaccari and his wife enjoy traveling and visiting museums in their spare time. 

Atlantic Eye MD is located at 8040 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne or go to