Art Gallery of Viera finds new home nearby

The Art Gallery of Viera always has a fresh painting, sculpture or photograph on sale


Susan Cole Stone and Art Gallery of Viera members pack up for a short move to their new location in The Avenue Viera


Some of Brevard County's most enchanting fine art can be found at the Art Gallery of Viera.

Luckily for Viera residents, the Art Gallery of Viera is relocating within the Avenues, just a few spaces away from its former location. Now housed within the Decorativa space, the art gallery will continue to have monthly openings, classes and the ever-stunning art that adorns its walls.   

Susan Kennicott, marketing director, talked excitedly about the continuation of the Art Gallery of Viera’s impact on the community.

“Art Gallery of Viera is owned and run by fine artists,” Kennicott said. “We are a group of Brevard County professional artists. We are fortunate that many of our artists have won multiple awards.”

Kennicott, who moved to Viera from the Midwest, is an artist, as are all members of the board of directors. Kennicott’s art reflects her rural Midwest upbringing and love of nature.

Whether you are looking for local art for your home or a unique gift for someone special, the Art Gallery of Viera always has a fresh painting, sculpture or photograph on sale.

The gallery’s diverse collection includes watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels, photography, pottery and woodwork.  Visitors will even find artsy gift items such as scarves, pillows and jewelry.

“We have complimentary appetizers, beer, wine and soda at all of our openings,” Kennicott said. “It is a chance to meet the artists, see their work, and we like to have a raffle give away by an artist each month.”

Openings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month.

The gallery's board of directors are: Helen Wheatley, creative director; Jeanette Drake, financial director; Laura Kucharyson, website director; and Kennicott, marketing director.

At the gallery, visitors can enjoy Drake’s watercolor paintings, Kucharyson’s seascapes and Wheatley’s mixed media art. Of course, each artist in the group has a wide range of artistic talent, which is why meeting them and visiting the gallery is the best way to appreciate their work.

Decorativa, the space the Art Gallery of Viera shares at its new location, is a home design center offering space planning, color consultations and other home-related services.

For aspiring young artists as well as adults, the Art Gallery of Viera offers art classes and workshops.

The Art Gallery of Viera will have a grand opening in October. A soft opening is in the works this month.

Check out for updates on openings. VV