Brevard Public Schools continues contract talks with union


Today the district made an additional offer to Brevard Federation of Teachers that totaled over $7.7 million in teacher compensation; that is in addition to the state’s $11.3m in Teacher Salary Increase Allocation.  The district prioritized a compensation correction to ranks of teachers the state did not include in the minimum teacher salary classification.  This would mean teaching staff with the same credentials, yet differing assignments, would not be raised to the new minimum salary of $46,550.  This commitment comes with a cost of almost $1 million to the district. 

“We value all teacher educators and it became imperative that we do all we could to correct the circumstances that state allocation presented to us,” said BPS Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullins.

The district’s offer would mean, along with the state’s Teacher Salary Allocation, 45% of teachers would get at least a 2% raise and 55% of teachers would get a 1.35% raise. 

The district’s commitment in compensation and benefits for teachers:

  • Health Insurance Recurring Increase to Board Contribution:  $3,055,000
  • Health Insurance One-Time Infusion from Fund Balance: $3,250,000
  • Health Insurance Premium Reduction: $260,000
  • Supplement Corrections: $71,000
  • Teacher Salary Increase Allocation Correction (District Contribution): $980,487
  • Parental Leave (Five Days with Pay): $115,000
  • Total District Compensation and Benefits Contributions: $7,731,487
  • Total State Compensation and Benefits Contributions: $11,366,243
  • Combined District and State Contributions: $19,097,730

There was no agreement reached today.  BPS and BFT will meet again Tuesday at 4 pm.