Love Works carved emotional pieces from the heart


Sue Doucette painted “Strength in Unity.”

Kathee Kit Jones created her necklace "Once Upon a Time.”

Madison Kenney designed “A Spare Moment of Kindness."

Nicholas Johnson painted “Lava Love."

Helen Wheatley painted “One Together.”


Nicholas Johnson, Madison Kenney, Sue Doucette, Kathee Kit Jones and Helen Wheatley were all winners in the Love Works Art Show and Competition conducted by the Art Gallery of Viera in August.

The exhibition and competition was dedicated to promoting peace, love and equality.

The winners were announced during an invitation-only reception held Aug. 8 at the Art Gallery of Viera. Therese Ferguson served as the judge for the competition.

Doucette won the Interpretive Category for her painting “Strength in Unity.’’

Jones and her handcrafted heart necklace titled “Once Upon a Time’’ prevailed in the Literal Category.

Kenney won the Living Emotion Category with her illustration “A Spare Moment of Kindness.”

Johnson’s painting “Lava Love” won the Publisher’s Choice Category.

Wheatley received Honorable Mention for her painting “One Together.’’