Teen entrepreneur excels as his fishing jigs catch on with bait shops


Brenden Coady-Reese pours lead into a mold as part of the process to create several fishing jigs. He is a senior at Viera High School.

Adam Palumbo

Viera High School senior Brenden Coady-Reese is a 17-year-old entrepreneur whose goals defy his age.

“He acts, talks and looks beyond his years,’ said Holly Tanis, owner of Black Dog Tackle in Melbourne Beach, where Coady-Reese works part time.

Black Dog is one of eight bait shops that sell the fishing jigs the young entrepreneur makes as part of his business — JBC Jigs & Tackle LLC.

“I brought his jigs into my shop and the little ones are flying out the door,” Tanis said. “He’s on the right track to make some money in this business if he continues to make quality jigs.”

Coady-Reese learned to make the jigs from fishing with his father and grandfather since he was a toddler. A fishing jig is a type of lure or artificial bait.

“I do a lot of fishing,” he said. “Almost every single day, I’m fishing. My life revolves around fishing.”

Brenden’s mother, Brianne Coady-Reese, said her son has always spent most of his spare time outdoors since he was little. He would see tackle in stores and say he could make them better.

“When he would go to the store with his dad, he always wanted to change things and make it his way.”

So, he soon started making his own.

“I was making jigs for myself,” he said. “One day in school, one of my teachers said we have a Junior Achievement program.”

It was in coordination with the Viera High Business and Finance Academy. His team won scholarships to the Florida Institute of Technology.

“It’s kind of like a junior "Shark Tank," he said, referring to the television program in which entrepreneurs present their ideas to investors.

“That got me to pushing more,” Coady-Reese said. “I started taking them to bait shops and telling them my story. They started liking them. Most bait shops bought 50 of them, then they started buying more.”

JBC Jigs & Tackle, LLC was born. Now, his products are sold in eight bait shops in Brevard County.

Chelsea Leigh, an English teacher at Viera High School, said that Coady-Reese takes his after-school job very seriously.

“He’s always been a student that had his eyes on the prize,” she said. “He’s not just focused on going to college, but he’s focused on a career.”

Coady-Reese played Little League baseball and was an offensive left tackle for the Viera High football team. He did not play this year, but instead concentrated on his business.

He has a college scholarship, but his plans are to enlist in the U.S. Army after graduation. He said he will find someone to help keep the business active while he serves in the Armed Forces.

His parents support his decision to serve.

“I think it will be good for him,” his mother said.

For more information about his business, go to JBCjigs.com.