Grimaldi Candy Company opens store at The Avenue Viera


One of Brevard County's most popular candy stores—Grimaldi Candy Company—has moved its Melbourne store to The Avenue Viera.

Klinton Landress

The Grimaldi Candy Company recently relocated one of its stores from Melbourne to The Avenue Viera.

The store, located on the north side of the cul de sac at The Avenue, opened Jan. 24.

“We’ve spent years down in Melbourne and those folks are very loyal customers, but we’ve seen an opportunity for Grimaldi to really take the next leap and the next step forward,” owner Jim Frazier said.

Customers who walk in the store will likely notice things that both allude to the company’s past and give the store a touch of class. 

“When you go in the Viera store, you get a little bit of history,” Frazier said.” (…) But then also you get the new items and concepts of what my wife Trisha and the rest of the team put into the stores. Chandeliers, a lot of additional products that you can buy, the soaps, the different trinkets. It just kind of gives you that upscale feel to the store.”

The most popular item in a store filled with candy? Frazier, who took over as owner in October 2014, said milk chocolate covered potato chips are a customer favorite.

“Our 15-ounce milk chocolate potato chip, we probably sell more of this than anything else in the store,” Frazier said. 

Grimaldi, which Frazier notes has been in business in Brevard County for 55 years, still maintains two locations in Brevard. The other is located off U.S. 1 in Rockledge. 

“I’ve got to tell you, we are very excited, very happy with the way that Viera has welcomed us into the community,” Frazier said. “It’s been awesome. Everybody at The Avenue has been great to work with. We’re really looking forward to that store doing very well and even looking further into wherever our next store might pop up.”

Frazier added that those who want to purchase products, but don’t want to come inside one of the stores due to the COVID-19 outbreak can still do so at this point by calling ahead and placing an order.

He also added that a March grand opening of the store was postponed. 

“We look forward to having a grand opening very soon once it is safe for everybody to gather in a crowd,” Frazier said.

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