Brevard's most physically fit rally for a good cause


Allie Newell, owner of 26.2 CrossFit gym in Rockledge, completes one of a gym-record 163 pull-ups during the "Pull-ups for Pit Bulls" event on July 28 in Rockledge.

Photo by Chris Bonanno

Some of Brevard’s most physically fit people gathered for a good cause on July 28, as the 26.2 CrossFit gym held its annual “Pull-ups for Pit Bulls” event at its facility off Hawk Drive in Rockledge that benefited the Brevard Humane Society.

The friendly competition wrapped up a month’s worth of efforts according to gym owner Allie Newell, who was inspired to give back to the society after adopting a pet eight years ago, he says.

“Brevard County CrossFit community is a pretty huge community,” Newell said. “There’s 14 CrossFit gyms throughout Brevard County and all through this month the CrossFit gyms in the county have been collecting up dog food and dog treats and bedding and cat food….Today’s just a culmination where all the gyms come together, we have a fun little competition death by pull-ups and we just bring the food together to give.”

The “fun little competition” that Newell is referring to taxed all of the competitors, who participated in an event whereby the number of pull-ups they had to do escalated as time wore on. For instance, in their first minute of competition, participants had to do one pull-up and in the second they had to do two and so on.

Incredibly, Dan Chavez of Port St. John set a gym record, recording 148 pull-ups at the event.

“I like the ability to come to a place and have fun with a group of people and have something like this towards a charitable cause that means something to somebody like Allie,” Chavez said. “It’s a good community, so that’s why I come to causes like this.”

Soon after, Newell had his turn and retook the gym record as he completed 163 pull-ups.

“I adopted a pet about eight years ago and she’s just such an integrated part of the gym,” Newell said. “Everybody loves her so much that we just wanted to give back from where she came from.”

The Brevard Humane Society is non-profit and relies “completely and solely on donations,” according to Terry Haynes, veterinary care coordinator for BHS. She adds that there are plenty of opportunities for people to volunteer at their facilities, give foster care to pets and, of course, adopt pets.

Those interested in more information about BHS should visit


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