CycleBar brings different kind of workout to Viera


CycleBar promises a technologically driven workout experience.

Wendy Scheuring

CycleBar, a new exercise facility located at 5410 Murrell Road, Suite 205 in Viera, takes the sport of group cycling into the 21st century.

The workouts are compact, requiring 45 minutes to complete, and include a warmup, workout and cool down.

“I love the energy and the sense of community,” instructor Robyn Fordham said.

Attending a CycleBar session is like going to an interactive play. Participants select a seat online before they arrive at their scheduled time. They gather in the lobby to put on their clip-on shoes, fill their water bottles with filtered water, and put their belongings in a personalized locker. Then, they enter the community room — a bright, spacious theater-like area with 46 sleek, shiny cycles. They locate their reserved cycle, adjust the seat and clip their shoes into the pedals. Once the instructor mounts the cycle on the stage, the lights are dimmed in the house. Then, it’s lights, music and cyclists ready for action.

“I love the dark room,” said Ericka Haugen of Viera.

The workout experience is technologically driven with a light show on the stage, music that gets your body pumping to the beat, and bright television monitors on the stage that post cycling stats during the performance races.

Owners Todd and Michelle Adams of Viera, a husband and wife team, decided to open three CycleBar facilities in Florida. The home facility is in Viera. Before they even met each other, each of them had a dream of starting their own gym.

“We work well together,” said Michelle Adams. The couple prides themselves on creating an all-inclusive atmosphere.

“The class is for all fitness levels,” said Alyssa Counsell, a lead sales representative. “From beginner to professional athlete.”

Whether or not the experience is low-impact or more performance-driven is up to the cyclist. The workouts emphasize full-body exercise, using weighted bars designed to work the upper body as well.

Cycling also is good for the knees, according to Michelle Adams.

The 32-year-old had once been a long-distance runner until she found herself icing her knees after running. That’s when she turned to cycling as an alternative.

Participant Gisela Cronan of Viera also had problems with her knees and eventually had surgery. “It’s low-impact,” Cronan said. “It’s great for the knees.”

CycleBar also exudes a friendly, community-based environment.

“What also attracted me is that everyone is friendly, professional, knowledgeable,” Haugen said. “They are also child-friendly. It’s great for moms.”

For more information, call 321-806-3121.

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