Local teen entrepreneur appeared on ‘Shark Tank’


Viera High School junior Benjamin Stern appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ hoping to get funds to grow his business, Nohbo. Photo by Marc Rhodes

About the size of a gumball, Nohboballs might just change the world.

They are single-use, water soluble, shampoo balls, made in America, sulfate-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals or derived from any animal source, are travel regulation compliable and convenient.

The utopia of shampoos, Nohbo (pronounced No-Bo) is an acronym for “NO Hair BOttles.”

“To use, take a Nohbo out of its wrapper and use the friction of your hands to break it open. It breaks down and lathers completely, enough for a long-haired individual,” founder Benjamin Stern said.

The Viera High School junior recalls a documentary he saw two years ago that set the idea of Nohbo into action.

“It was upsetting to see how many of these bottles were clogging up landfills and the ocean. Shampoo bottles are thicker and take even longer to decompose. Anywhere from 450 to 1,000 years,” he said. 

He saved earnings from part-time jobs. His family loaned him money. He borrowed from his college savings. He found an attorney who helped him grow the business, and a freelance chemist who developed the prototype. He filed a provisional patent and connected with a law firm that agreed to do pro bono work. And Nohbo was born.

It was Stern’s father who suggested he send “Shark Tank” an email.

Six months later, he heard back.

The next several months were spent undergoing reviews and videotaping.

“It’s very competitive. But, it’s an amazing opportunity regardless if you get a deal or not,” he said.

The segment aired on Feb. 19. A crowdfunding campaign is being set up on Indiegogo.

“It will take 79,000 years for the ocean to be cleared of plastic. If you’re concerned about it, try our products,” Stern said. 

For more information, go to nohboball.com

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