102 things to do with your kids this summer


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Enjoy spending time with your kids this summer by trying out some of these activities from the list below. Your child will never complain again that they are bored and that there's nothing to do.

  1. Build a lemonade stand
  2. Roller skate outside
  3. Make your own birdhouse
  4. Tie dye clothing
  5. Go to the beach and build sandcastles
  6. Catch and release fireflies
  7. Have a water balloon fight
  8. Go to a waterpark/amusement park
  9. Play hopscotch
  10. Play tag or freeze tag
  11. Go on a bike ride
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Play dress up and reenact your favorite story
  14. Volunteer at your favorite nonprofit organization
  15. Go on a day trip to a new location
  16. Pick fresh berries
  17. Have a campfire with hotdogs and s'mores
  18. Make your own garden
  19. Play miniature golf
  20. Go to the batting cages
  21. Run through the sprinklers
  22. Check out a flea market
  23. Attend an outdoor concert or festival
  24. Play charades
  25. Go to a ballgame
  26. Pitch a tent in the backyard
  27. Find the constellations in the night sky
  28. Build a fort — you can build an indoor fort with blankets, couch cushions and pillows. Be creative and have fun!
  29. Have a garage sale
  30. Spend time at the local library
  31. Fly a kite
  32. Shop at the farmers markets
  33. Create a family scrapbook
  34. Make homemade ice cream in a bag
  35. Go on a hike
  36. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  37. Go bowling
  38. Learn how to make balloon animals
  39. Visit the springs
  40. Go to the trampoline park
  41. Paint ceramics
  42. Go to the drive-in
  43. Play frisbee
  44. Learn how to make origami creations
  45. Create a time capsule to look back at years later — fill a container with present- day things such as newspaper clippings, photographs, movie/concert ticket stubs and journal entries. Hide the container either indoors or outdoors to be opened in the future either by yourself or someone of your choosing. No peeking until the chosen date.
  46. Jump rope
  47. Paint a self-portrait
  48. Study butterflies
  49. Jump in water puddles after it rains
  50. Walk the neighbor's dog
  51. Make homemade paper
  52. Paint designs on flower pots
  53. Paint rocks and hide them
  54. Fish
  55. Design a T-shirt with permanent markers
  56. See the mastodon at the history museum
  57. Build a house out of cards
  58. Have a Hula Hoop contest
  59. Make root beer floats
  60. Play laser tag
  61. Have a water gun fight
  62. Have a karaoke night
  63. Visit the zoo
  64. Take a cooking class
  65. Put on a magic show
  66. Try indoor ice skating
  67. Try skipping stones
  68. Have a bubble gum bubble blowing contest
  69. Make sno-cones
  70. Go indoor rock climbing
  71. Learn to juggle
  72. Visit an aquarium
  73. Have a pizza party and make your own pizza — customize each pizza to your own individual needs.  For extra fun, decorate your own aprons beforehand using paints and other art supplies.
  74. Learn how to fold newspaper hats
  75. Play a board game
  76. Have a dance party
  77. Have a luau in the backyard
  78. Swing in a hammock
  79. Visit a national park
  80. Play kickball
  81. Learn the lyrics to a new song
  82. Have breakfast in bed
  83. Conduct a science experiment
  84. Visit a farm
  85. Put together a puzzle
  86. Visit yard sales
  87. Feed the ducks
  88. Collect seashells at the beach
  89. Set up a backyard waterslide
  90. Hold an outdoor scavenger hunt
  91. Make a wind chime
  92. Go metal detecting
  93. Make homemade greeting cards
  94. Learn how to play a musical instrument
  95. Make your own piñata
  96. Learn about your family tree
  97. Visit family
  98. Sculpt with clay/Play-Doh
  99. Play paintball
  100. Go skateboarding
  101. Surf the waves
  102. Donate items to charity
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