Hybrid author shares tips from latest Writer’s Digest article with local authors


Viera Voice PhotoOne million new titles are published each year and they compete with the 10 million still on the market over the past decade. The publishing world has changed. Backlists are as popular as new releases and classics top the charts on Amazon. How can a budding author compete in this environment?

Join award-winning author Jaimie Engle as she shares how to build your book business as an entrepreneur. Her extensive experience after independently publishing more than half a dozen titles, promoting to schools and conferences, and building a unique brand gives her a voice to share the pitfalls and best practices all authors should be aware of.

“The most frustrating part of this business is that most authors go into it eyes wide shut,” shares Engle. “They don’t realize the amount of work required after publication to gain visibility in the marketplace, build a following, and define their unique niche as an author through branding.”

Engle’s recent guest column posted to Writer’s Digest on May 3rd titled “How to Make Money Writing.” The post details the process of analyzing your own book for marketability and finding the best way to connect with your audience. The article can be accessed via http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/make-money-writing-whats-true-value-book

This is Engle’s fifth article published by Writer’s Digest.

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To learn more about Jaimie Engle visit thewriteengle.com.

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