Holy Trinity to host free event on college sports recruiting

Interactive presentation will focus on navigating recruiting process


Among the Holy Trinity athletes to earn athletic scholarships last year were (top l-r) Gianna Gayles Talia Douglas, Darrelle Pawley and Samantha Folio along with (bottom l-r) Cory Kaplan, Eric Jaffe, Oscar Gonzales, Tony Jenkins and Bryce Wahy. The school will host an interactive presentation on navigating the college recruiting process on Oct 12.

VIERA VOICE Courtesy Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

Holy Trinity’s Upper School will host an interactive presentation on navigating the recruiting process for students interested in playing college sports.

The event will take place Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Tiger Cafe. There is no cost to attend and all students in grades 7-12 from throughout the community – including their parents and coaches – are welcome.

Attendees are asked to bring a laptop or tablet, and students should wear their team’s training shirt to show what sport they play.

The presenter will be Jane Alukonis, who led Melbourne Central Catholic to two state championships before moving on to Duke University, where she was a team captain her senior year.

Alukonis attended graduate school at the University of Cambridge and taught for three years in Baltimore for Teach America. She currently coaches soccer and runs an online program that helps female soccer players navigate the recruiting process.

According to an email sent by Alukonis, the presentation will include topics such as:

* The competitiveness of college sports

* What it’s like being a student-athlete

* Myths and facts about athletic scholarships

* What actions you should be taking, and when

* Roles and responsibilities of parents, players and coaches

* Realistic schools based on a player’s athletic and academic levels

* Video interviews with advice from college coaches and players

There will also be a Q&A session.

“There are many roads students take to play a sport at the college level and it is a complex process,” Alison Bell, Director of College Counseling at Holy Trinity, said in a statement.

“Developing strategies for the student-athlete to advocate for their own interests in the process is essential – in a sense teaching them to market their athletic, academic and leadership qualities to college coaches and admission officers. 

“There is often a perception that college athletic recruiting is a one-sided effort – meaning the student has to ‘wait’ for a coach to show interest in them to begin the conversation.  It is actually a proactive approach on the part of the student that leads to a best fit college athletic placement – with the student-athlete early on working with club and high school coaches, as well as their college advisor, to assess ability level athletically and to match the student with college programs that fit the student both on and off the field.  The student then can market themselves to coaches and admission officers.

“Ms. Alukonis’ presentation, in collaboration with the HT College and Athletic Departments, helps to break down the ins and outs of the process to find a best fit college athletic placement.”