New businesses give Suntree, Viera residents more choices


The Space Coast Thermography team, Dr. Kristen Barry and her husband Chris.

Courtesy of Space Coast Thermography

A common saying in medical services is that prevention is the best medicine, and detection is a vital aspect of prevention.

A new business in the Suntree area is Space Coast Thermography, which offers non-invasive, radiation-free thermographic imaging services.

“Space Coast Thermography provides the most technologically advanced medical thermal imaging system available in Brevard County,” Space Coast Thermography officials stated. “Thermography is an excellent preventative health screening tool, for both women and men, for the adjunctive detection and monitoring of breast disease, vascular health, stroke, diabetes, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, thyroid health, dental challenges, fibromyalgia, and more.”

Space Coast Thermography is a provider of thermographic services in Brevard County, and offers high-resolution camera systems.

“Thermography is a radiation-free and compression-free thermal imaging procedure,” said Owner Kristen Barry, Ph.D., CTT. “(The procedure) causes no threat or harm to patients and can indicate if there are changes which could lead to breast cancer years before other imaging tools.”

Space Coast Thermography is located at 7125 Turner Road, Suite #101 in Rockledge.

For more information, go to or call 321-574-9014.


Taj Indian Cuisine

Looking for traditional Indian food with a modern flair? There’s a new restaurant opening up at The Avenue Viera that will be offering just that.

Taj Indian Cuisine is a new venue that will be offering Eastern food with a diverse menu.

“Our Indian restaurant is more of a modern touch on Indian cuisine, so it’s going to be a lot of fusion food,” said owner Jerrin Luke. “(We’ll be) mixing Western culture with our Eastern culture. As well as that, (we’ll provide) authenticity in two different menus.

“Just the ambiance in the restaurant (will stand out,” Luke added. “We’re having Turkish chandeliers throughout the ceiling. We’re creating a modern touch instead of the usual dark, bronze and brown-colored Indian restaurant. It’s going to be more of lighter colors, (i.e.,) light blue with a white background, all the plating will be copper plates; (we’re) trying to bring a touch of India, however also having a Western interest in mind.”

Taj Indian Cuisine is looking to host its Grand Opening in two months at The Avenue Viera.

Club Pilates

Working out, stretching and keeping fit are all useful tools for seniors and young people alike, and a new Pilates center offers all these and more.

Club Pilates offers full-body, low-impact workouts that help to build balance, strength, mobility and flexibility.

“My husband and I are retired military, and we wanted to do something to give back to the community,” said Emily Rehkop, who co-owns the franchise facility with her husband Heath. “And Club Pilates’ motto is that they bring Pilates to people who normally may not be able to do Pilates; so it makes Pilates more affordable and accessible to people.”

Club Pilates is located at 2221 Town Center Avenue, Suite 129 in Viera.

For more information, go to, or call 321-419-0798. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.