Tigers working hard to make sure this season is a memorable one


The Holy Trinity boys soccer team, shown here celebrating a goal in a 5-0 season-opening win over MCC, could surprise people this season according to new coach Adrian Moreno.


One of the first things that impresses you about the Holy Trinity boys soccer team this season is how hard the Tigers are working.

And that is a direct reflection on new coach Adrian Moreno.

“I love how hard he’s working,” senior Ryan Mozer said. “You can really see how much he loves to help us; how much he loves this sport. It’s so easy to see. No matter who you are, if you’re just watching you can see he really cares.

“Even if he’s working us, running us, it’s because he wants us to win. He wants the best for us.”

Moreno, who took over the varsity program after James Phillips stepped down after 13 seasons, is a former Holy Trinity standout himself. Not only is he thrilled to be coaching at his old school, but as the team’s 5-0 win over Melbourne Central Catholic in the season opener showed, he’s already having a big impact.

“We’ve got a great group of people that work incredibly hard,” senior Eddie Marr said. “There aren’t any big personalities here that want to go over the group and do their individual things. I feel like although last year, we had great technical players, this year, we’ve got incredible workers, people that are willing to do anything for the team.

“I feel like that can take a team anywhere.”

After graduating nine seniors – including top scorer Danny Lynch and team leader Ollie Dunkin – there were a lot of questions about the Tigers heading into this season.

So far, they’ve been answering them.

“Eddie Marr and Ryan Mozer are definitely stepping in and then you have Walker Johnson and Brock Shoultz who are playing phenomenal back there,” Moreno said. “Brock Shoultz is a sophomore who didn’t touch the field barely ever last season. He just evolved over the summer through club soccer and now it’s impossible for me not to have him out there.”

With James Linabarry in goal and a new back line of Jackson Mariani, Lucas Dutra and Ty Schrumpf – plus the improved play of sophomore Will Bell – the Tigers believe they have the talent to compete for a top spot in what should be a vastly improved district.

In addition to MCC, the Tigers must now compete against West Shore, Edgewood, Cocoa Beach, Lincoln Park and John Carroll.

“Honestly, with these guys here, I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people,” Moreno said. “They’re a young group, and there are a lot of new faces on the team that were JV players (last year), but I think they’re going to surprise a lot of teams in the county, and a lot of teams outside of the county.

“People only think we have a couple players, like Ed and Ryan.”

The Tigers (1-0-1), who will travel to Lincoln Park and West Shore Thursday and Friday, feel like they’re being overlooked this season.

And they plan to take advantage.

“I love it,” Mozer said. “It’s so nice. First off, we’re not going out there with any kind of expectations. We’re going out there with nothing to lose. We can put everything out there. We can win all of our tackles. We don’t have to worry about anything.

“We trust our subs, so if someone gets hurt, we can sub them in and be confident with them. Even if we go on a win streak, I don’t think we’ll ever not be overlooked. We’ll still be underestimated every time we go into a game and I think that will help us.”

This isn’t something the Tigers have been mulling over since practice started. This is a group of players that have been working together since June to make sure this season is a successful one.

It may be Moreno’s first season, but he’s already helping make it a memorable one.

“I’ve never seen a coach put so much commitment, so much effort forward for the team,” Marr said after the season opening win over MCC.

“He’s been sacrificing his entire summer for this when that’s not even in his job description. He’s been doing everything for us.

“I feel like this game just proved why all of his efforts and all of the team’s efforts are worth it.”