Viera East Fun Group holds special event


Paul and Mary Ann Ollier, left, and Gerry Adams and wife Diane Schnellhammer vie for best dip at the Feb. 18 Valentine's Day couples outing of the Viera East men's Fun Group. Photo by Linda Wiggins

It was a Valentine's Day event, but when when couples are married this long, a comfortable reality sets in.

“I made the bed this morning,” Paul Ollier offered to fellow golfing couples at Divot's Grille following the rare couples outing of the Viera East men's Fun Group Feb. 18. His proof-of-love gesture for wife Mary Ann kicked off a competition for the biggest Romeo.

Art White chimed in his thoughts of romance for wife Rae, “For us, every day is Valentine's Day.” Eye rolls and loud groans followed.

The group of 28 golfers swelled to 35 after 18 holes.

“It's a great group but not everyone golfs, or if they can't golf on particular day, they all meet at the 19th hole,” Mary Ann Ollier said of the VEGC in-house restaurant.

The Viera East community is a draw for retirees around the country,” Art White said.

“If you move from somewhere else where you spent most of your life, you have to fill that void by connecting through shared interests with others in your new home community,” White said.

Golf is not only a great way to spend time learning fascinating things about special people, but it's good for keeping romance alive in a relationship, Rae White said.

“When you're retired and you spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with that one person,” White said, “you know that when your spouse is off playing golf, number one, you know where he is, and number two, you get four hours to yourself.”

The men's golf Fun Group meets at 9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays for golf and lunch. For more information or to join, call 321-591-3390 a week in advance of when you plan to play.