Alba leaving Viera for position with district


Mike Alba, who is in his fifth year as the Viera High principal, is leaving the school to take a job with the Brevard County School District.


It’s kind of hard to think of Viera High School and not think about Mike Alba.

He’s been the principal for the past five years. And he was the assistant principal for the school’s first six years of existence.

But when the 47-year-old walks out of the school on Tuesday … he’ll be walking into a new job.

Alba has been named the Brevard County School District’s Director of Professional Learning and Development and will start on Wednesday.

A new principal for Viera High has not yet been named.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” Alba said. “Viera High School has really been a second home to me over the years. Whether it’s the students, the parents, the community or the faculty and staff, they have always been supportive of what our vision has been for our school.

“To take a good school and make it even better is something that couldn’t have been done without all of their support over the years.”

Alba will oversee a number of areas in his new role, including the retention and recruitment of teachers, setting the district calendar and handling virtually all certifications, including the two-year principal certification program.

Under the professional development part of the job, he will work toward developing teacher/leaders for those who want to take leadership positions in their school, or are thinking about going into administration. He will also supervise the professional development programs for first and second-year assistant principals.

“I’ve always enjoyed developing teacher/leaders or the assistant principals within my schools that I’ve worked in over the years,” Alba said. “Just meeting with them, talking through their career goals and finding ways to provide experiences for them, so that when they do interview for their next position, they’re going to be strong candidates.

“I’ve always enjoyed doing that. It provides me a great sense of purpose, helping others grow and achieve their goals.”

After spending 10 years at Cocoa Beach High School, Alba came to Viera when the school opened in 2006. After six years with the Hawks, he went back to Cocoa Beach for two years before returning as Viera’s principal.

During that time, the school has been recognized throughout the county, state – and even the nation – in a wide spectrum of academic, art and athletic areas.

Among some of his best memories are student-initiated projects like the dance marathon that last year raised more than $25,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network.

“One of the highlights is always graduation,” Alba said. “That’s one of the reasons I really enjoy teaching at a high school, being able to see that milestone in a student’s career. I know it was built upon by the hard work of the elementary school teachers, middle school teachers and our teachers here at the school.

“To see all that come to be fulfilled and watching them achieve their goal and to be handed that diploma … it’s a highlight. They all have their unique stories. Some have greater challenges than others. It’s very exciting all students who have worked hard to be able to achieve that goal.”

Moments like that will make it hard to leave, but Alba is excited about his new position.

He also knows just what he and his staff have been able to accomplish in the time he has been at Viera.

“I have a very strong administrative team here, and phenomenal faculty and staff,’ Alba said. “Viera High is in good hands.

“We’ve done some good work here. Things are continuing to move forward, so I felt good about transitioning to another position, timing wise, as far as Viera High School.

“There’s only a few positions at the district level that I think I would ever leave the school for and this is one of them. I still have the opportunity to work with school-based leaders, to work with teachers and I still feel like I have the ability to impact students in an indirect way throughout the county.”