Golf Association member is no stranger to fighting for the right cause


Lorenzo Battle, as his name suggests, is not afraid of a fight for the right cause. Battle is a Vietnam War veteran, who served in the U.S. Army as a supply sergeant during the early 1970s.

After his service in Asia, Battle lived in Texas and California before settling back in Yonkers, New York.  As with many veterans returning home from Asia, he struggled with PTSD.  

He joined the Yonkers Fire Department in 1982, rising to the position as fire investigator while training in the department for fires and bombs investigations.  The Yonkers Fire Department is located adjacent to the Bronx Fire Station.  Each morning, the firefighters would awaken to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast. That’s if they were not already awake after fighting fires all night or starting their day training or responding to more emergency calls. 

Sept. 11 was no different as the morning started with fresh coffee and TV news.

However, a few minutes later, life would change forever as they watched a jet liner slam into the first building of the Twin Towers World Trade Center.  At that moment, the fire station phones began to ring nonstop. 

Battle was one of the senior men at the station, with 19 years. In coordination with the chiefs and captain, he took an NYFD fireboat to Ground Zero and back to the NYFD Boat Yard.

For the next four days, Battle, along with other firefighters, police and iron workers began a search and rescue mission of the horrific site. They worked different shifts looking for survivors, breathing in tremendous amounts of lung-damaging gases and dust.

Battle was trying to comfort the younger firefighters, who were seeing unspeakable things.  Through the tragedy, Battle said he saw America at its best.

Race, color, sex, background, political persuasion, jobs and professions were irrelevant. None of those things mattered on the front line.

Battle thanks the World Trade Health Program for supporting first responders and rescuers, who are dealing with health issues every day or are deceased.  He was forced to retire several years later due to illnesses related to 9/11.  He served 25 years in the fire department with dedicated service to help humanity.

Battle moved to Florida in 2009. He has been a member of the Viera East Men’s Golf Association for the past five years.

On July 16, the team of Peter Maloney, Dale Zeigler, David Horst and Ernie Parra tied the team of David Jensen, Mike Pope, Jim Toy and Battle in a four-man scramble format conducted by VEMA.

The team of Tim Brown, Jack Webb, Greg Humble and Kerin Vetter finished third.

On July 30, John Moriarty, Dick May and Bill Scholtens prevailed in a four-man team, best-ball format.

Gene Quirk, Freddie Baltazar, Bob David and Allen Satcher teamed up to place second. John McComas, Bill Harrison, Mike Piccinnini and Battle finished third.