Beef ‘O’Brady’s to reopen in Viera

Beef ‘O'Brady's of Viera will be re-opening its doors following new, statewide renovations to the franchise.


The Beef ‘O’Brady’s on the corner of Murrell Road and Viera Boulevard suddenly closed its doors, many locals were left wondering about just what happened.

As it turns out, the "Beef’s" in Viera is only the beginning of many new renovations to the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s franchise, which is based out of Florida.

Beef ‘O’Brady’s Vice President of Development Jamie Cecil informed Viera Voice about the new and improved franchise.

"We started here in Tampa in 1985," Cecil said. "And [now] we’re really starting to see a good resurgence of the brand, the kind of stores that have recently been opened have been very strong, [with a] great new menu, a great new look on the inside, big TVs, and a new and improved menu with some healthier options that weren’t necessarily there before— there’s just a lot of good things going on at Beef’s."

Beef ‘O’Brady’s across Florida (and Brevard) will be renovating both the style of the restaurant and the menu for an improved experience.

The venue on Murrell Rd. and Viera Blvd. is the first of many Beef ‘O’Brady’s to experience total renovation, and is expected to open between May and June of 2019.

"We closed the store in Viera not long ago, and we now have a franchisee that’s going to reopen that store," Cecil said. "It’s kind of a success story already. What they’re doing there is going to turn out to be beautiful, so we’re excited to see it be a better complement to that center now."

The franchisee reopening the venue in Viera is Joe Baker, who also runs the Beef ‘O’Brady’s in Melbourne.

Beef ‘O’Brady’s will be adding new and healthier items to their menu, such as more salad options and new meal specials. The renovation of Beef ‘O’Brady’s venues themselves, however, is the main focus of the brand overhaul.

"It’s the refresh [that really counts]," Cecil added. "[The effort is] to make it more modern, more hip, just a little more comfortable to walk into You’re not walking into a ‘time-capsule’ now; you’re walking into 2019, not 1985."

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