Lake Andrew Drive extension will spur more Viera growth

This is an aerial photo of the new Lake Andrew Drive extension in Viera.

A 1.1-mile extension of Lake Andrew Drive that stretches from Judge Fran Jamieson Way to Viera Boulevard is set to serve as a catalyst for economic growth in the area and will give motorists a new option to traverse a portion of Viera.

The road opening precedes the new Borrows West project being built in the area south of Viera Boulevard, west of Interstate 95, according to a news release from The Viera Company. 

The Lake Andrew extension stretches between Viera High School and Viera Regional Park from Judge Fran Jamieson and essentially parallels Stadium Parkway. 

"This area will be the gateway to central Viera and will be the catalyst for the continued addition of a multitude of potential businesses such as retail, restaurants, medical and professional offices, multi-family and hotels," said Eva Rey, director of community management, amenities and communications for the Viera Company in an e-mail. "Furthermore, with the easy I-95 access, Borrows West is also the perfect location for a corporate relocation project. We are excited for the possibilities that Borrows West will bring to Viera."

Rey noted the project encompasses about 115 acres.

The Viera Voice reported in 2019 that a Wawa and Chick-fil-A had site plans in review to build locations west of the extension.

Mike Acosta, the operating partner at Viera Pizza, said that the opening of Lake Andrew Drive near the shop off Stadium Parkway near Viera Boulevard means "more roadways, even more growth for everybody." 

Acosta said the business has been at its current location for a decade and had previously operated near the intersection of Viera Boulevard and Murrell Road for several years prior to that. He seemed to marvel at the transformation of the area.

"Just to see what it was to what it is now and to see what it is supposed to become, it's just amazing," Acosta said.

Traffic flow should improve in the area. 

"The completion of both Lake Andrew Drive extension projects (north to Viera Boulevard and south to Pineda Causeway) will offer yet another north-south roadway within Viera and provide more direct access to the commercial areas of Viera Town Center and The Avenue Viera as well as the Viera Regional Park," Rey said. "The Lake Andrew Drive improvements will also provide some traffic relief for Stadium Parkway and Judge Fran Jamieson Way by offering another route to those traveling from the northern part of Viera and the Viera Boulevard/I-95 interchange."

Indeed, as Rey alluded to, the north side extension isn’t the only extension taking place with respect to Lake Andrew Drive. A 1.4-mile section of roadway is being constructed for a southern extension of the roadway from the Bridgewater subdivision in Viera down to the Pineda Causeway, in conjunction with a section of Pineda that ties into Interstate 95. 

Rey noted the project is slated to be completed by the spring of 2021. 

Growth could presumably come from the completion of that project as well.