Zoom makes online meetings easier than ever

There's no need to travel for a meeting when Zoom can be used to set them up at your convenience like Virtual Hour of Positivity—Fill Up Your Cup hosted by Sonata Viera.

With more and more people working from home, online meetings are becoming much more common.

 One of the most popular ways for people to have online meetings is through Zoom. Zoom doesn’t only have to be used for work-related meetings, it also is a great way to chat with big groups of friends and family.

First head to www.zoom.us to get started. Once you have gotten to the Zoom website, click sign up for free and follow the onscreen instructions to create your account. To create a meeting, click the schedule a meeting button. There will be a prompt to create a title for the meeting as well as a time for the meeting to take place. You also will have the option to add a password to your meeting. You also can select if you, the host, will have video for the meeting, meaning the meeting participants can see you through your webcam. You also can change this setting for the other meeting participants. After completing the form, click save at the bottom of the screen.

To share the meeting, scroll down to the Join URL section. Click Copy the Invitation. Here you can customize the invitation. Once you are ready, click Copy the invitation. Now is when you can paste this message into an email to share your meeting. Once you are ready, click Start Meeting and follow the onscreen instructions to start the meeting. 

Once the meeting has started, you can turn your microphone, as well as camera, on and off by clicking the respective icons in the bottom left corner. There are several features to explore here. Once you’re ready to end the meeting, click End Meeting.