Realizing a need for easily obtainable household grab bars, Michael Childs created his LLC and began a business under that umbrella called Same Day Grab Bars. Now he is called "a godsend," he says with a chuckle.

"I started the business on Jan. 1, this year. The number one thing people tell me is ‘you are a godsend,’ because they couldn’t find anyone who wanted to do it. We have been really busy even with COVID-19.

"The same day premise of the business is that they are installed easily, you don’t have to order online and we have 75 to 80 grab bars on the truck. The more you buy, the more discount. (There’s a) free estimate on site before we start and it is easy to do them," Childs said. "We are usually in and out of your life in an hour and a half."

What makes the service different is the ease of order and service. Call the customer number, schedule an appointment and the rest remains up to Same Day Grab Bars. 

"The installer will do a safety evaluation, offer suggestions and discuss placement based on your needs," Childs says. "We show up and do our job all in one visit convenience. "We have every color and option under the sun and carry satin smooth and textured stainless finishes. Either one works; some people just like the texture of the smooth bar and how it feels."

But the bars don’t stop at just stainless or just for the bathroom. Bars are smooth, peened, knurled or a ‘Sure Grip’ texture. They come in stainless or mat finishes, white, bisque, brass or black and everything from straight bars to something curved with design or featuring a shampoo caddy, soap dish or towel bar addition.

Call 321-393-3000 or 800-215-7560 or go to